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Wood Thermometer

If you love to travel, be sure to take along Scentsy travel tins to give your motel room a good smell. You can sell all our Scentsy products, including room sprays, hand soaps, plug ins and even travel tins. The name gazing chains bring thoughts of a peaceful, calm, and relaxing afternoon in your garden. When you are looking for a great gift for a gardening friend, you might want to consider a hanging outdoor thermometer.

We have a beautiful deco panel that is designed with black birds and has an option of adding your favorite photos to the built in photo frames. If you love adding creative items to your outdoor areas, you will enjoy browsing our home decor and garden decor pages. Many people use candles to light their patios and their yards as well as indoors to create an ambiance in their home. I will be happy to book a wickless candle party for you or show you how to make money with Scentsy products.

For candles without wicks that are safer and have more fragrance, try our Scentsy wickless candles and warmers. Deco panels are cut out screen panels that have a special design built right into them, and they look great in any type of decor.